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Episode 2: Accessibility, Part 1

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In this episode, we interview Rebecca Cagle, Senior Trainer for UNTWISE and accessibility expert, and Dr. Brandi Levingston, Senior Lecturer with the Rehabilitation and Health Services Department, about accessibility at UNT, as well as higher education at large. We discuss the ethical and legal importance of accessibility in higher education and how accessibility benefits all people regardless of ability.

Two New Teaching Essentials Added

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Teaching Commons Team is working hard on adding more content from the backlogs of CLEAR’s many past workshops, trainings, and events. The existence of this backlog is what partially inspired the beginning of Teaching Commons – we have all this relevant content on teaching and learning, but no single location for sharing it with UNT instructors. Thus, we have added two new Teaching Essentials, the section of our website that houses curated and new content on time-tested and new developments in teaching and learning scholarship.

What is Quality Matters?

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One of the main concerns with online education continues to be quality. Here at UNT we want to ensure that online offerings meet high standard beginning with online course design. As part of our efforts in this area, we are an institutional subscriber to Quality Matters.

Selecting Content for Your Online Course

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The materials you select will make up a large portion of your course. No matter what formats you choose to provide course content, it is important to create a setting where the learning outcomes are supported and there is balance, variety, and opportunity for students to engage with the topic in a manner that will assist them in mastering the stated learning outcomes. In this article, we focus on selecting content for online courses with a modular structure.