Course materials

Linking Electronic Resources to Course Sites

Altered photograph with fisheye top view of bookshelves full of books in concentric circles.

The first and most important point in this article is that instructors should include electronic library resources as a part of their courses! The library collection is meant to support student learning; and electronic resources are ideal for use in learning management systems. Links directing students to electronic books, articles, journals, and databases can all be included in a course shell in a learning management system.

The Library as Classroom

Photograph of the front of Willis Library and the Campus Mall. Copyright Joshua Sylve, Assistant Director, Departmental Marketing, UNT Libraries. Used with permission.

The writer Shelby Foote once said: “A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library. The library is the university.” He was joking—sort of. While universities have a much broader scope, range of disciplines, and number of approaches to research than they had a quarter century ago, it’s true that the library still sits at the center of the university’s core activities: teaching, learning, research, technology, collaboration, and even its social and cultural life.