UNT Teaching Excellence Handbook

Your Guide to Teaching Excellence at the University of North Texas

The Teaching Excellence Handbook is divided into three main sections: Definitions and Policies, Teaching at UNT, and Teaching Online.

Definitions and Policies overviews various UNT policy and terminology as it relates to teaching at the university. The section explains the types of teaching personnel on our campus, as well as university policies governing instructor interactions with students inside and outside of the classroom. This section also includes information about the creation and distribution of the UNT syllabus.

Teaching at UNT provides resources for teaching preparation, working with students, tips for effective teaching and graduate student teachers, and a comprehensive list of the various resources on campus for anyone with teaching responsibilities at the university.

Teaching Online covers aspects of online teaching, including using and navigating the university Learning Management System (LMS), best practices in online teaching, and where to get help with online teaching at the university.