Using Canvas

In 2019, UNT transitioned from the Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard Learn to Canvas. To learn more about the decision behind this transition, see the following links:

Below is a brief overview for getting started in Canvas:

Check Access to Canvas

First, you will want to ensure that you have access to Canvas. You can access Canvas by opening a browser window and entering in the address bar. Your user name for logging in to Canvas is your EUID (Enterprise User ID). If you have problems using your EUID or do not know your EUID, contact the UIT Helpdesk.

In some cases, if you experience difficulty logging in, it may be due to your computer not meeting certain technical requirements. You may be required to install additional software or make changes to settings on your machine in order to use Canvas. To determine the technical requirements to use Canvas, visit the CLEAR Canvas Technical Requirements page. (Pro Tip: Save this link to share with your students who may experience similar difficulties!)

For any other log-in difficulties, please contact the CLEAR Faculty Support Help Desk at 940-369-7394 or via email at

Section(s) and Content Check

Check to be sure all sections you are teaching exist in Canvas. You may combine sections into one course space or teach them as separate sections. Requests for course combinations must be made before the beginning of the semester. Email or call 940-369-7394 to request to have sections combined.

If you are planning to use content from another instructor's course, then an email from the instructor or department chair granting permission must be sent to

If you do not see your sections or have other general questions, please contact the CLEAR Faculty Helpdesk at 940-369-7394 or via email at

Ensure Student Access

Your section will be scheduled for automatic student upload when it is created. Students will be uploaded one week prior to the first day of the semester, but will not be able to access the content until the day the semester starts. If you want the students to be able to access the content prior to the first day of the semester, you must make a request to change the access restriction dates by sending an email using your official UNT email account to

Upload Schedule Each Semester*



One week prior to the first day of classes

Students are uploaded into course sections. Although students appear on the course rosters/Grade Center in Canvas, they do not have access to the course materials. Course adds and drops are processed every 10 minutes until the last day to withdraw from the semester.

First day of classes

Student access to course sections begins. (If an instructor prefers to open the section prior to the first day of classes, they must contact using their official UNT email account.)

Last day to withdraw and drop

Automatic uploads officially end on the last day to withdraw/drop for the semester. Instructors are encouraged to check class rosters/Grade Center in Canvas with rosters in to be sure everything is correct.

*For specific dates, see UNT Academic Calendar:

If students are not uploaded before the first class day, please contact the CLEAR Faculty Helpdesk at 940-369-7394 or via email at

Complete Start of Semester Tasks

See the CLEAR Support Page, Canvas Start-of-the-Semester Tasks, for an overview of recommended steps instructors can take during the beginning of the semester to make Canvas use easier and more efficient.

Review Canvas Help Resources

Finally, you will need familiarize yourself with the technical assistance and resources available to you for using Canvas.

  • Be sure to save the CLEAR Canvas support page for quick access to Canvas resources.
  • You might also want to save this link for the Canvas Instructor Guide from Canvas.
  • You can also easily and quickly search the Canvas guides for specific questions and/or issues.
  • Make an appointment to meet with a CLEAR Instructional Consultant. The primary role of the Instructional Consultant (IC) is to assist UNT faculty with the development of quality courses. Instructional consultants provide one-on-one and group training by appointment on best practices for course design and instruction as well as with a variety of instructional technologies.
  • Become familiar with the CLEAR Teaching Commons site which is regularly updated with articles, podcasts, and other resources related to teaching and course design.

Remember, you can always get direct help by calling the CLEAR Faculty Help Desk.

Please note that technical support for students using Canvas is provided by the UNT UIT Helpdesk. Students may contact the UIT Helpdesk by phone at 940-565-2324 or by email at Hours of operation are posted on the UIT Helpdesk website at