Teaching at UNT

This section of the Handbook provides resources for teaching at UNT, including teaching preparation, working with students, tips for effective teaching and graduate student teachers, and a comprehensive list of resources for anyone with teaching responsibilities at the university.

  • Preparing to Teach: This subsection provides resources for preparing to teach a class at UNT, whether for the first time or numerous times. This section includes a series of helpful checklists for the beginning of the semester, the end of the semester, preparing the syllabus, and teaching large classes.
  • Working with Students: This subsection provides resources for working with students, including communicating with students, understanding student rights, utilizing office hours effectively, and handling the many non-cognitive issues that can impact student learning.
  • Effective Teaching: This subsection provides resources for learning effective teaching techniques and skills, including assessment and evaluating students.
  • Graduate Student Teaching: This subsection provides resources and guidance for graduate student teachers at UNT.
  • UNT Teaching Resources: This subsection provides an overview of the variety of resources for assisting instructors with teaching at the university.