Academic Integrity

An understanding of UNT Teaching Policies is a crucial element to teaching effectiveness and success. UNT has adopted a number of policies designed to ensure that students are safe and are treated fairly. In addition to being mandatory, these policies provide useful guidance to instructors. In this article, we overview UNT’s Academic Integrity Policy and academic integrity resources.

  • The UNT Student Academic Integrity Policy overviews the various definitions for different types of academic dishonesty, responsibilities of each party involved, penalties and sanctions for misconduct, procedures for single and multiple violations academic, and the appeals process.
  • The UNT Teaching Commons Academic Integrity Teaching Essential provides articles on teaching academic integrity and tips and strategies for promoting academic integrity in one’s teaching practice. 
  • The article from UNT Teaching Commons, “Academic Integrity: A Primer” provides an overview of important terms and definitions related to academic integrity.
  • The article from UNT Teaching Commons, “Academic Integrity: A UNT Resource Guide” provides an overview of UNT resources and offices that can assist with promoting academic integrity in one’s teaching practice.
  • For tips and strategies for delivering online exams and promoting academic integrity, see the teaching resources from the UNT Center for Learning Experimentation, Application, and Research.
  • For additional information about who handles academic integrity issues on campus, visit the Office of the Provost Student Success website.