Additional Resources

For more best practices for teaching online and blended learning classes, we encourage you to explore the following resources:

  • Accessibility Online - The information found on this page will help you better understand the issues that impact students with disabilities and the disability services registration process at UNT. Includes links to resources that will show you how to ensure your content is accessible for everyone. Note: In order for an online course to be approved for teaching at UNT, it must meet accessibility requirements.
  • Copyright Guide – This guide will help you understand copyright permissions when using others’ work in your teaching. Learn about fair use, creative commons, and public domain works.
  • Delivering Exams Online – This page provides information on assessment types, tips for delivering exams online, and options for proctored testing.
  • Memberships for Faculty – This page overviews the teaching-related publications, websites, and special discounts to webinars and conferences that UNT has access to.
  • UNT Teaching Commons – This website is a virtual resource and gathering space for connecting anyone with teaching responsibilities at the University of North Texas. The sections on Online Course Design and Online Teaching will be particularly pertinent to UNT instructors teaching online courses.

As always, the CLEAR Instructional Consulting team is ready to answer your teaching questions!