Emergency Notifications & Procedures

An understanding of UNT Teaching Policies is a crucial element to teaching effectiveness and success. UNT has adopted a number of policies designed to ensure that students are safe and are treated fairly. In addition to being mandatory, these policies provide useful guidance to instructors. In this article, we overview classroom policies related to emergency notifications and procedures.

Syllabi Requirements

Per the university policy, Course Syllabi Requirements, instructors must include a statement regarding emergency notification and procedures. The suggested syllabi language is as follows:

Emergency Notification & Procedures. UNT uses a system called Eagle Alert to quickly notify students with critical information in the event of an emergency (i.e., severe weather, campus closing, and health and public safety emergencies like chemical spills, fires, or violence). In the event of a university closure, please refer to Blackboard for contingency plans for covering course materials.”

Emergency Guidelines

In the event of an emergency, the UNT Office of Emergency Management and Safety Services has a table for a variety of situations, including active shooter, inclement weather, medical emergencies, etc.

We recommend bookmarking the above site, as well as this webpage with a list of contacts for a variety of emergency situations.

Additional Resources

  • We recommend reading the UNT policies regarding campus closures and carrying of concealed handguns on campus prior to beginning teaching a UNT class.
  • This UNT webpage provides a helpful overview of what to do in the case of severe weather.
  • This UNT story also has some helpful information regarding what to do in the case of severe weather.
  • Click here to visit the UNT Office of Emergency Management and Safety Services for additional information and concerns regarding emergency preparedness at UNT.