UNT Teaching Policies

This subsection of the Handbook overviews the most pertinent policies regarding teaching at UNT:

  • Academic Integrity: Includes links to the UNT Student Academic Integrity Policy and resources at UNT.
  • Accomodating Students with Disabilities: Includes standard syllabus language, helpful hints for accomodating students with disabilities, and suggested resources.
  • Class Rolls & Attendance: Includes information regarding class rolls, audit rolls, dropping and withdrawing from courses, attendance, and excused absences.
  • Emergency Notifications & Procedures: Includes information regarding mandatory syllabus language and helpful resources for emergency preparedness at UNT.
  • Grading: Includes information regarding submitting grades at the end of the semester, changing grades after submission, pre-finals and finals week, and records retention of student work and files.

Knowledge of the following additional university policies is important to effective teaching and classroom practices at the university: