Engaged Learning

"Resources for motivating students through interaction”

What is Experiential Learning?

A photo of four people in a laboratory looking at plant specimens in jars.

 Experiential learning is often referred to as “learning by doing.” It is a series of learning activities that comprise both concrete experiences and guided reflections. Students are provided the opportunity to continually distill and integrate knowledge acquired from class with relevant situations and problems.

What is Collaborative Learning?

A photo of a group of students sitting surrounding a desk and interacting with one another.

A large body of research indicates the value of collaborative learning. Changes in students have been documented in areas of psychosocial development, knowledge, cognitive skills, and impacts upon attitudes and values (Pascarella and Terenzini, 1991). When compared to individual learning, collaborative work is shown by research to provide a greater opportunity for academic achievement (Barkley et al., 2005).